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This is all wrong, and it shows...

Wow. Haven't updated this in awhile. Life has been extremely hectic with trying to prepare for the wedding and get homework done and trying to make your friends feel better cause they're in a bad spot in their relationship. Ugh. Life is just so confusing right now and all I can do is hope it gets better because I can't take much more of this added stress =\.


Look at her. Isn't she cute?!?!?!?!
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I'm really sorry if I stressed you out, just needed to talk to someone. I love you so much JENNA ROSE HICKEY. Thanks for everything.
Who cares, you're entitled to stress me out every now and again <3.
Eh- I don't know about that. I do it a lot, and you have a lot going on right now.
HAHAH . G r e a t picture!