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hey guys this is ant from ftf...i know i havent updated in a while ..but im going to tell you whats going on with our band...ok so a couple of weeks ago vinnie our guitarist was kicked out of the band because of lack of helping with music and coming to practice...but its not hi fault he has cross countey but still we couldnt deal with him not coming it was kinda holding us back in a way..the other day kevin quit the band..(our other guitarist) because he knew we wanted him out..we addmited 2 new guitarist to take there places...spencer krempecki and alex artishenko....everyone is being little bitches because kevin is not in the band nemore...there all like oh since kevin isnt in the band not supporting you guys or buying nething...what the fuck everyones being so gay..if nething you should be happy ..because now we have like the 2 best guitarist in South River in our band...i mean cant u at least be happy for us that were trying soo hard to make it..god noone knows how hard it is ticking together..or at least trying to stick together...noone knows how hard it is to have a band..its not all fun and games its not easy AT ALL. just can the people that are being gay about kevin being out of the band just cut the little baby shit and grow tired of this shit.....ok but neway....our ep comes out in late november its probably gunna be a 6 song or 5 song ep..ok thanks for the people who still support us..lots of love for u guys...
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